How to prepare for Turf Installation

What You Need to Know to Lay your new Lawn and to keep it lush, green and healthy

If you choose to go the DIY route, we’re here to help. In this section, we offer online advice on:

Buy Turf and Soil from Experts You Can Trust – With over 25 years of Experience in the Turf Industry)

We specialise in Coastal Soft Leaf Buffalo and couch grasses grown on the coast to withstand coastal dry spells. Our turf is organically grown on our 25-acre farm so you can be sure yours is the freshest turf possible. Our CSLB is nearly $5 less than other Soft Leaf Buffalos on the market, and performs just equivalent if not better.

We also offer other lawn turf supplies such as screened topsoils, turf underlay and garden soil blends, providing you with one-stop convenience.

If you’re not into back-breaking outdoor labour, consider hiring Coastal Turf ‘n’ Soil to do it for you. Our total package includes excavation and hauling debris for an affordable price.

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