Lawn Maintenance

How to Keep Your New Turf Growing

When to Mow Your New Turf

Once your roots are established, it’s time to mow your new lawn. It generally takes 10 to 21 days for new turf to adhere to its new topsoil. To determine if your roots have been firmly established, pull on a piece of turf. If it’s tethered tightly to the topsoil, it’s time to mow. After you’re finished mowing, give the grass a good watering.

How to Mow Your New Turf

Always leave 1/3 of the grass blade when mowing—an approximate height of 30-60 mm. Your mowing schedule will depend on how fast your grass grows.

How to Water Your New Turf

After you’ve mowed, you can begin a regular watering schedule. We recommend watering in the morning hours as often as you see fit and your local watering rules will allow.

Keep Your New Turf Nourished

Lawns, like humans, need to be fed regularly to stay healthy. A bimonthly fertilising schedule should do the job. A good fertiliser will not only provide nutrients, but will help control weeds.

Holes or uneven areas that develop over time can be addressed with a top lawn dressing of soil at the beginning of spring. Apply one cubic meter of soil per 100 square meter of lawn. Water it in immediately and give it another good watering over the next couple days.

Contact us for advice on the best garden soil mixes and screened top soil for your lawn.

Dethatch as Needed

Thatch is the brown layer between the soil and the green grass you see on top. At times it can get a bit out of hand, threatening your lawn’s overall health. To avoid thatch build up, mow at a lower height in one direction, then pass over it once more in the other.

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