Coastal Turf ‘n’ Soil Turf Laying Services

We not only supply and deliver, we install your new lawn too!

Whether you’re a lawn professional, DIY homeowner, or prefer to enjoy your lawn rather than lay it, our packages provide the best value for both your financial and physical investment.

Our packages include:

DIY Turf and Soil Products

  • Turf sale
    • Coastal Buffalo Soft Leaf
    • Winter Green Couch
  • Soil sale
    • Screened Topsoil
    • Turf Underlay
    • Garden Soil Mixes

Turf and Soil Supply and Delivery

We supply and deliver your turf directly to your door. Product delivery prices vary depending on location.

Turf Laying Service Packages

  • Turf and Soil Package
    • Includes turf and soil supply and delivery.
  • Turf and Soil Supply and Install Package
    • Includes turf and soil supply and delivery, and turf laying services.
      • Turf laying services include fertilising, rolling and initial watering.
  • Total Lawn Installation Service Package
    • Includes posi-track excavation and debris removal and disposal, soil preparation and turf laying service which includes starter fertiliser, rolling and initial watering.
When You Call…
It’s helpful if you can provide the following information:

  • Does the area to be covered include sunny and shady spots? Knowing whether your home is one or two storeys helps us determine how much of your lawn is shaded.
  • Are there sloped areas? How many? How steep are they?
  • What is the drainage pattern? To where does your existing lawn’s excess water drain? Does rainwater tend to sit in shady areas after it rains?
  • What is a rough measurement of the area to be covered? Is it angular, triangular, circular or oddly shaped? Click here for measurement assistance.

This will help us determine the best products for your lawn and lifestyle.

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